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Mabaya provides advertisers with more keyword insights and more opportunities to improve campaigns

Advertise on with Mabaya recently switched from advertising platform Criteo to Mabaya. This new ad platform gives advertisers more insight into keywords and more opportunities to analyze and improve their campaigns. In addition, the platform is more user-friendly.

With the new advertising platform Mabaya, advertising on has become even more profitable. Below we listed the possibilities that Mabaya offers to get the maximum return from your advertisements.

Make the most of advertising on with Mabaya

What exactly are the advantages of advertising via Mabaya? We have listed them below:

  • You only pay when your ad is clicked.
  • You can set a maximum budget per click. This way, you never spend more on an ad than you want.
  • You can easily adjust your advertising budget to increase your Return On Investment (ROI).
  • You will gain insight into the data of your campaigns. This way you are able to find out which keywords lead to most sales.
  • You can create campaigns manually for high-performing products, coupled with matching, high-performing keywords.
  • You can add negative keywords. This prevents the ad from being shown for irrelevant searches. This way you save money on clicks that do not lead to a purchase. At the same time, you increase the chance that your ad will be shown on searches that do lead to sales.

More information about advertising on

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