How is as a marketplace for fashion compared to Zalando and Amazon? the newest fashion marketplace of the Netherlands? has been selling shoes, sportswear, and baby clothes for quite some time now. Since January 2020, the webshop has started selling an extensive range of women's and men's clothing and fashion accessories. works together with Dutch brands such as Miss Etam and Zeeman, but also with international brands such as Jack & Jones, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Adidas, and Levis. This means that the webshop competes with other major fashion marketplaces, such as Zalando and Amazon

As a partner of, you are now able to sell your fashion via this webshop. However, Zalando is Europe's largest online store specializing in fashion and Amazon is the biggest online store worldwide.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of selling fashion via, compared to Zalando and Amazon? You can read it here.

Selling via fashion marketplace

The advantages (+) and disadvantages (-) of selling fashion via

+ is a one-stop shop: the website offers other products in addition to clothing. This allows customers to buy everything they need in one shop. This is useful, for example, when customers need different gifts for Sinterklaas or Christmas.

+ does not actively select, which means that all fashion brands are allowed. A Chamber of Commerce number is enough to be accepted.

- is selling only in the Netherlands and Belgium. You cannot use this platform to sell your products in other European countries.

- has fewer customers and less reach than Zalando or Amazon. Nonetheless, is the largest webshop in the Netherlands.

Selling via fashion marketplace Zalando

The advantages (+) and disadvantages (-) of selling fashion via Zalando:

+ The platform is better equipped for selling fashion because this is the only category in which it is selling. As a result, customers go to this webshop earlier when they specifically search for fashion.

+ Zalando sells products in 17 countries in Europe and has about 30 million active customers. By offering your fashion on Zalando you can easily increase and internationalize your reach.

- A large platform with national and international sellers also means more competition.

- Zalando is picky in who is admitted to the web store. Not all fashion brands are allowed on the website.

Selling via fashion marketplace Amazon

The advantages (+) and disadvantages (-) of selling fashion via Amazon:

+ Amazon is also a one-stop shop. Customers can buy everything here from clothing to books and from electronics to food.

+ As a seller on Amazon, you are able to sell with your Dutch account via all Amazon marketplaces in Europe.

- On Amazon there will be a lot of competition from national and international sellers.

- Amazon is known for its high, continuously changing sales commissions, ranging from 7% to 46%.

- Creating and managing an account on Amazon is complicated and takes a lot of time.

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