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Brandsom keeps your employees up-to-date with the newest developments within marketplaces. We do this via two different workshops which can be adapted according to your needs. Please contact us for more information. All courses are available in both English and Dutch.

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Introductory workshop

During this workshop we will explain to you what marketplaces are, what their impact marketplaces in the current ecosystem entails and what skills and resources you need to be succesful on marketplaces.

Marketplaces & merchandising

Marketplaces have opened up their platforms to all suppliers and for all products. During this workshop we teach you about the impact this has on the differentiation and merchandising strategy of your brand.

Content Optimalization

Brandsom will teach you how you can optimize your product listing based on extensive keyword analyses for different marketplaces. Also, Brandsom will teach you everything there is to know about the most important attributes so you can optimize your listings efficiently.

Advertising workshop

Advertising on marketplaces is more valuable than ever. But what strategy works best? Which keywords should I use? What other points should I take in consideration? This, and more, will be explained during our advertising workshop.

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