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How Enhanced Brand Content generates higher conversion rates

What is Amazon A+ content?

Amazon is the biggest online marketplace worldwide. The number of purchases through this platform is growing by the day. As online offerings are increasing, entrepreneurs look for ways to differentiate themselves. Amazon A+ content is a helpful tool to do this.

Amazon A+ content is a premium content feature, which allows sellers to change the product description of their products by using rich texts, videos, and images. Register your brand through Amazon Brand Registry, based on your brand registration with BOIP or EUIPO.

Once you have access, find the A+ content manager in Amazon Seller Central under 'Advertising'. As a Brand owner, you're able to show exactly what you're selling through detailed descriptions, beautiful pictures, videos, and comparison tables.

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Brandsom specializes in selling on marketplaces like Amazon. If you want to know more about how A+ content fits in your general Amazon strategy. Read our extensive blogpost about selling on Amazon.


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Why does A+ content increase conversions?


It is important for brands to focus on optimizing product pages and creating their own section on the Amazon store. Amazon says that using their A+ content will increase conversion rates by 5%.

You can read more about the advantages of A + content below:

    • Converting latent needs into purchases: An online marketplace like Amazon is a nice way for customers to browse through products. A consumer has latent needs, and you as a brand owner can capitalize on that with Enhanced Brand Content or Enhanced Marketing Content. A+ content is a great way to inform and convince potential customers after inspiring them with your product. With the help of beautiful photos, specific manuals, and product descriptions, you are able to showcase all of your product's benefits.

    • Lower return rate: A well-informed buyer is not so quick to return a product. Knowing what to expect from a product will reduce unexpected surprises, and with that, the amount of returned products.

    • Reviews: Enhanced Brand Content leads to customer engagement with your brand, and will result in customers happily engaging as ambassadors of your products by leaving reviews. The more positive reviews you get, the higher your rank will be on the Amazon marketplace.  

    • Higher rankings in Google: Google doesn’t index the data of the standard product descriptions. However, it does include A+ content. Taking care of your A+ content will rank your brand or product higher in Google.

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Guidelines for good A+ content


To create Enhanced Brand Content you need to follow the Amazon A+ content guidelines. These are as follows: 

  • No emojis, special characters or the trademark symbol: Amazon does not accept these. The same applies to hyperlinks.

  • Use graphs: This allows you to showcase the benefits of your product and make them clear, which stimulates conversion.

    • Make sure your images meet the correct dimensions.

    • Use a house style: You'll come across as more professional and reliable if all images on your brand page are according to similar guidelines.

    • Use banners: Grab a customer's attention by breaking up the text and providing more information about a product.

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Brandsom helps with optimizing your A+ content

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Creating Enhanced Brand Content is not something you just do without thinking it through. To get the best results, you will have to put in time and effort. Start by familiarizing yourself with the Amazon Enhanced Brand Content guidelines to make certain that you know what aspects to pay attention to.

Brandsom ensures that your brand and products are visible on Amazon and other marketplaces. Our Amazon specialists are up to date with the latest developments on the platform and make sure that:

  • A+ content always connects with your brand image
  • Conversion rates increase
  • Your products are easier to find

Depending on which stage the marketplace strategy is in and which direction you want to go, we are able to adapt to your goals.
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