The Brandsom team

Our marketplace specialists

Here at Brandsom we work with a team of ecommerce marketplace specialists with specializations in different industries. We have specialists in the field of fashion, consumer electronics, home & garden and fast moving consumer goods. Our consultants are aware of the latest developments in the field of marketplaces within your industry.

Our team:

Thijs verhoef CEO
Imco van Elk Product LEad
Joris Drok COO
Sharon Welgraven Senior fashion consultant
Matthijs Kooiker Consumable products consultant
Lotte Menses Senior fashion consultant
Daniel Bigio Integration specialist
Hildrun Dreyer Translation lead
Beatrice Piva Fashion consultant
Bas Eekhof Marketplace Consultant
Ondrej Mlynarčík INTEGRAtion SPECIALIST
Selmar van der Weide Fashion consultant
Billy Skevofylax Integrator specialist
Jason Barhorst Financial controller
Julia van Loo Content specialist
Astha Madhotra Advertising specialist
Livia Hallahan-Hutchins Sales Manager
Jolien Mauritsz Content specialist
Paula Vendrell Marketplace Specialst
Floris van den blink Financial controller
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