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An online marketplace is a B2C/B2B e-commerce platform where external sellers are given the opportunity to offer and sell their products. The marketplace owner acts as an intermediary between consumer and the third party seller, allowing customers to buy everything they need within one ecosystem.

In Europe, there are many different ecommerce marketplaces. Amazon is by far the biggest and best-known example and may therefore seem like the best option for every brand. However, choosing the right platform to sell on requires a well thought out marketplace strategy. Part of this strategy is to look at different marketplaces, as each platform has its pros and cons depending on the products you're selling.


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Amazon is the largest and most competitive online marketplace in the world. If your plan is to sell internationally, you simply can't ignore this platform. To get the most out of selling on Amazon, educate yourself on certain topics such as the Buy box, Fulfillment by Amazon, and Amazon Sponsored Products. You can find informative blog posts and interesting articles on these subjects below. 


Bol.com offers a great platform to start selling your products on the Dutch and Belgian markets. The online marketplace sells directly to millions of consumers and offers third-party retailers the possibility to take advantage of their platforms reach and size. Anyone with a website, app or blog is welcome to become a partner if certain requirements are met. The marketplace offers a range of additional services to help you sell more products and grow your business. To learn more about these services and selling on bol.com in general, read our blog posts and informative articles.


Zalando is the largest online fashion platform in Europe. With more than 45 million customers in 23 different countries, Zalando offers a huge marketplace to sell your products on. To ensure that customers choose your brand among others, it is beneficial to have knowledge about Zalando's Return Solutions, Marketing Services, and Logistics requirements. For more information on these topics, read through the blog posts and informative articles below. 

Fashion marketplaces

Online fashion marketplaces are platforms that focus on fashion. Unlike one-stop-shops such as Amazon and bol.com, fashion marketplaces only sell clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories. Besides Zalando, there are several other players within the online fashion industry that are worth looking into, such as Mirapodo, About You, and La Redoute. To learn more about fashion marketplaces, read our blog posts and informative articles regarding this subject.  

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