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The best marketplace strategy for your brand

Selling on beauty marketplaces in 5 steps

There is a lot involved in selling on (Beauty) marketplaces, using our 5 pillars we will explain all the things you need to pay attention to.


1 Strategy - Beauty marketplaces


Marketplaces that sell beauty products can be roughly divided into the above 4 categories. On which type of platform your fashion brand can best sell depends on a number of factors (what kind of assortment do you sell, where is your brand positioned within the market, etc.) Our experienced marketplace consultants can advise you on the best marketplace strategy for beauty brands. Click on the arrow below and contact us.

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2 Integration - Fashion marketplaces [3] douglas-1

If you want to sell successfully on Beauty marketplaces, then choosing the right integrator is essential. In addition to having the right marketplaces, it is also important to see if the integrator has the right functionalities. The integrators below are the best fit for selling on beauty marketplaces, according to Brandsom:

  • ChannelEngine
  • Tradebyte
  • Vendiro

Brandsom has experience in onboarding (putting products online) fashion products through these integrators and is also an official partner. 

Would you like Brandsom to help with the integration process? Then click on the arrow below and fill out the form.

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Some marketplaces also offer the possibility to take your fulfilment out of your hands, you can then use the marketplace fulfilment services. Using these services has several advantages; for example, it allows you to scale up internationally more easily at a relatively low investment.

3 Operation - Fashion marketplaces [EN] douglas


4 Content - Fashion marketplaces [2] (1)Various marketplaces often have different specific requirements for the content on the platform. For example, you need to clearly communicate ingredients and you need approval from the marketplace for certain categories. 

Brandsom has extensive experience with beauty marketplaces and can take this process completely out of your hands. Click on the arrow below to get in touch!

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Marketplaces often offer the opportunity to highlight your products through Sponsored Products. This form of advertising allows your brand to appear at the top of search results for certain keywords. Depending on the marketplace, in some cases more extensive ways of advertising are also possible, such as banners.

5 Advertising - Fashion marketplaces [4]beauty 

Our marketplace consultants and advertising experts can work with you to create a marketing plan to highlight your products. Brandsom has extensive experience in setting up, tracking and analyzing sponsored products campaigns.  Click the arrow below and leave your details to determine the best advertising strategy for your brand!

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