Amazon Promotions

The different options within Amazon advertising

Advertising on Amazon with Amazon Promotions

Are you a third-party seller on Amazon and trying to gain more attention for your brand and products? Good news! It's possible to draw extra attention to the products you're selling by advertising them on the platform.

One way of advertising on Amazon is by using Amazon Promotions. With Amazon Promotions, you create discounts and promote your products to potential buyers. The goal is for your product to be seen and bought more often.

You can benefit from various promotions, including:

  • Deal of the Day
  • Lightning Deal
  • Best Deal
  • Vouchers / Coupons

Want to know more about the costs, creating, and working with promotions on Amazon? Read our extensive blog about selling on Amazon. Or get in touch with our consultant Imco, who is ready to advise you on all marketplace-related matters. Click on the arrow below and fill in the form.

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Why Use Amazon Promotions?

There are four good reasons to use Amazon Promotions:

1. Promotions offer your (potential) customers an extra incentive to buy your products. Offers in the form of a discount, free delivery, or 1 + 1 deals can convince potential customers to buy your product.

2. You can spark the customers’ interest to buy multiple products by offering bulk discounts. This is a great way to sell the products that you have too much stock of. 

3. It's a good way to create more visibility for your products. Promotions will appear on the 'Deals page', which is one of the most visited pages of Amazon.

4. You benefit from Amazon's event marketing campaigns, such as Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday. Amazon generates traffic to the Deals page from the homepage and through various forms of marketing (including TV commercials and paper ads).

What is the difference between the various Amazon Promotions?

Deal of the Day: A promotion in the form of a discount, which will be displayed for 24 hours or while supplies last. This offer can apply to one specific product or to multiple products in your product range and is usually at the top of the event page.

Lightning Deal: A promotion in which a limited number of discounts are offered on an item for a short period. You can only include one product per Lightning Deal. You can, however, offer different styles, sizes, and colours of the product.


Best Deal: This is an offer that will be displayed on the Deals page for 7 days. Therefore, this offer is visible for a much longer period than the Deal of the Day and the Lightning Deal. Best Deals are great for driving traffic to your products and can be very useful for brand awareness, clearing through inventory, and more.

Vouchers / Coupons: A Voucher or Coupon is basically a digital version of a paper discount coupon. You can create them for individual items or multiple products. The possible discounts vary between 5% and 80%. When customers click on the voucher, it will be added to their shopping cart. The discount will then automatically be applied when the customer purchases a product to which the voucher applies. You can choose the expiration date for the voucher yourself. 

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