Amazon Promotions

With Amazon Promotions, you will get the visitor’s attention to your brand and products

Advertising on Amazon with Amazon Promotions

Are you a third-party seller on Amazon and do you want more attention for your brand and products? Good news! It is possible to get your products in the picture by advertising.

One of the ways you can advertise on Amazon is by using Amazon Promotions. With Amazon Promotions you make discounts and advertise your products. The goal is that your product will be seen more, and bought more often!

You can benefit from various promotions, including:

  • Deal of the Day
  • Lightning Deal
  • Best Deal
  • Vouchers / Coupons

Why Use Amazon Promotions?

There are four good reasons to use Amazon Promotions:

1. Promotions offer your (potential) customers an extra incentive to buy your products. Offers in the form of a discount, free delivery, or 1 + 1 deals can convince interested visitors to buy your product.

2. You can trigger the customers’ interest to buy multiple products by offering bulk discounts. This is, for example, a good way to sell products of which you have too many in stock.

3. It's a good way to create more visibility for your products. Promotions will appear on the Deals page. This is one of the most visited pages of Amazon.

4. You benefit from Amazon's event marketing campaigns. Consider Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday, for example. Amazon generates traffic to the Deals page from the Home page and through various forms of marketing (including TV commercials and paper ads).

What is the difference between the different Amazon Promotions?

Deal of the Day: This is a promotion in the form of a discount. This discount will be displayed for 24 hours or while supplies last. This offer can apply to one specific product or to multiple products in your range. This type of promotion is usually at the top of the event page.

Lightning Deal: The 'Lightning Deal' is a short-term offer. This discount applies for a few hours. You can only include one product per Lightning Deal. However, you can offer different styles, sizes, and colors of the relevant product.


Best Deal: This is an offer that will be displayed on the Deals page for 7 days. Therefore this offer is visible for a much longer period than the Deal of the Day, or the Lightning Deal, so you can use this offer to gain attention for your brand and your product range.

Vouchers / Coupons: A Voucher or Coupon is basically a digital version of a paper discount coupon. You can make them for individual items or for multiple products. You can choose a discount amount between 5 and 80%. When customers click on the voucher, it will be added to their shopping cart. The discount will then automatically be applied when the customer purchases a product to which the voucher applies. You can choose the expiration of the voucher yourself. The voucher is valid for a maximum of 3 months.

Learn more about advertising on Amazon

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