Selling on specialized fashion marketplaces: Zalando, Otto and About You

Selling via Zalando, Otto and About You

Zalando, Otto, and About You are three online marketplaces that specialize in fashion. In addition to their own products, these web shops offer brands of external sellers. The various partner programs allow brands and online retailers to run their own sales through these platforms.
Are you a sales manager, digital manager, or director of a fashion brand and curious to know if selling your product through these online marketplaces is profitable for your brand? Keep reading to learn what is needed to start selling your fashion through each of these channels.

Why Zalando?

The reason for selling through Zalando is pretty obvious; it is the largest European webshop for fashion. This online marketplace has more than  40 million active customers and delivers fashion products to 17 European countries. By offering your clothing on this platform, you get to use Zalando's digital infrastructure and scope. Additionally, you have the option to let Zalando carry out the logistics process for you.


What is needed to sell through Zalando?

General requirements:

  • Master Data Sheet (a spreadsheet with all available product data) and the so-called KYC documents (documents that prove the identity of you as a partner, including a passport, identity card or driving license) must be submitted.
  • Names and positions of important contacts must be communicated to Zalando.
  • VAT number for all countries you're planning to sell in.


Requirements for logistics:

  • If doing the logistics yourself, your warehouse must be ready to process/ship Zalando orders with the deliverer.
  • Delivery documents must be adapted to Zalando standards. You also need to send sample shipments to Zalando (including the delivery note, return note, return instruction, and invoice).

Requirements for products and images:

  • Products should fall into the category of fashion and/or fashion accessories.
  • Images of products must meet Zalando's technical requirements.
  • Provide Zalando with brand logos in the correct size and formats.
  • Drawn up size chart code, which translates your sizes into Zalando's standard sizes.

Why Otto?

Otto started as a German mail-order company that sold shoes but has grown into a webshop with an extensive range of products. A true one-stop shop, where customers can get everything from fashion to furniture, toys, and electronics. Otto's webshop is active in more than 30 countries.

What is needed to sell through Otto?

General requirements:

  • Have an establishment in Germany, designed according to a German legal form and have a German VAT number 
  • You are the seller and your customers are the end customers of the product.
  • You must offer customer service in German.
  • Ability to ship your products and arrange returns from a warehouse located in Germany.

Product Requirements:

  • Sold products must be in one or more of the following categories: Fashion & Lifestyle, furniture, home accessories, or technology.
  • Otto prohibits products of certain materials such as animal fur, sandblasted textiles, and Uzbek cotton. There are additional rules for other materials such as leather, feathers, and wool.
  • Otto is against the selling of products that are in conflict with their corporate values.

Why About You?

About You is a subsidiary of Otto and one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in Europe. Just like Zalando, About You specializes in fashion. This online marketplace focuses mainly on young people and wants to offer an inspiring fashion experience. About You is currently active in 15 European countries.

What is needed to sell through About You?

General requirements:

As a partner, you need to provide About You with the correct information and documents, such as all necessary product data, information about stock levels, photos, and prices.


Product Requirements:

The products must fall into the fashion and fashion accessories category. About You does not allow selling old products. The products can not be older than the same season last year.


Customer service:

  • Questions and complaints from customers should always be answered within 24 hours.
  • You must offer free shipping and returns.

Requirements for packaging and shipping:

  • Products are sent to the transport company chosen by About You and within a maximum number of days.
  • Products should arrive at the customer within 4 days.
  • Delivery documents have to be adapted to About You's requirements.
  • A DHL return label must be included with every delivery.
  • Products are to be shipped in About You packaging.
  • Returns must be processed within 24 hours.