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Sell instantly and successfully on marketplaces for a fixed monthly fee

Brandsom Managed

With the Brandsom Managed service you let a team of different specialists work together to make your brand successful on marketplaces. They will cover all topics, namely: Strategy, Integration, Operation, Content, Advertising, Organization.


Brandsom managed is an all-in-one service proposition that allows your brand to be able to successfully sell on marketplaces. Whether you are looking for content optimisation, advertisement or expansion to new marketplaces in foreign countries, Brandsom managed will help you with the strategy, operation, organisation and integration of your brand on marketplaces. 

The Brandsom managed proposition includes all services from A - Z in one proposition. Instead of investing in large amounts of fixed and set-up fee's, the managed proposition is focused on long term growth through a revenue share model. This allows brands to minimize their initial costs and instead focus on selling successfully on marketplaces.

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Start, grow or outsource?

Brandsom Managed is suitable for brands that want to start, grow, or outsource their marketplaces.

Start on Marketplaces Are you already successful with your own webshop, store(s), or in the retail sector? Then expand with marketplaces to take the next steps:
  • Sell directly to the consumer and build a personal relationship.
  • Grow quickly and scalable on an (international) level, without the complexity of a (local) webshop, stores, and inventory.
  • Increase your brand awareness.

Are you ready to start with marketplaces? Contact us now and discover how we can assist you with our expertise in marketplaces.

Grow on Marketplaces

Have you already achieved success on a marketplace and are you looking further into new international marketplaces?

For example, if you're already successful on, making the move to Amazon offers unparalleled opportunities. At Brandsom, we specialize in guiding brands in their growth ambitions.

Why choose Brandsom?

  • Expertise: Our in-depth knowledge of various marketplaces ensures a seamless expansion.
  • Custom strategies: We offer tailor-made strategies that are aligned with your unique brand and objectives.
  • International reach: Unlock the potential of new markets with our proven approach.
Is it time to take advantage of the opportunities that international marketplaces offer? Then contact Brandsom now.

Outsource marketplaces

In the world of production, branding, and supply chain management, being a brand owner is already demanding enough. Why would you further burden yourself with the complexities of marketplace management?

Let Brandsom take the helm. We are the specialists in the field of marketplaces. By outsourcing the management to us, you can:

  • Fully focus on your core business. With Brandsom by your side, you have the freedom to fully concentrate on innovation and growth.
  • Benefit from expertise: Our specialists are seasoned in navigating the complexities of various marketplaces. They ensure optimization, visibility, and sales success.
  • Increase efficiency: Let Brandsom optimize your business. We ensure a streamlined supply chain, effective branding, and a smooth production flow.

Contact Brandsom. Together, we'll discover how your brand can grow while you continue to focus on the core of your success.

This is how Brandsom Managed works:

Strategy Define together with marketplace experts on your marketplace strategy.
Operation Whether you insource or outsource your logistics, Brandsom will help you find a suitable solution for you.

Brandsom helps you find an integrator that matches your strategy and operations.

Content From content optimisation to translations, Brandsom's specialists ensure your products are represented to match your brand vision.
Advertisement Our advertising specialists know everything about how to promote your brand on marketplaces.
Organisation Together with experienced consultants, you can scope what is possible in-house and outsourced.

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