Zalando Marketing Services

The best strategy for advertising on Zalando

What is Zalando Marketing Services?

Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS) is about all marketing and advertising opportunities that you, as a Zalando Partner, can take advantage of. ZMS supports brands to increase their brand impact, drive their sales, and celebrate product launches on the platform.

Consumer Insights:
Get the numerical data you need to make better strategic decisions. 

ZMS Creative:
Based on the data coming from Insights, Zalando creates inspiring stories that match the look and feel of your brand.

ZMS plans and executes relevant campaigns for your brand that reach your target group. Zalando deploys these on their own platform, on other websites, and on social media.

Want to learn more about analyzing data through ZMS, or need help with determining the best advertising strategy on Zalando? Our consultant Daniël is here to help! Click on the arrow below and fill out the form.

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Brandsom specializes in selling on Fashion marketplaces like Zalando. If you want to learn more about selling on the platform, read our extensive blog about selling on Zalando.

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Resources of ZMS:

  • Ad Hoc Consultancy Services: Get a complete picture of your current and potential customers' behaviour. All of which can be seen in Zalando's customized analyses.
  • ZMS Insights Tool: On this self-service platform, you'll find all kinds of analytics on customers, sales, SKU analysis, and much more.
  • Custom dashboards: Set your own KPI's to gain more insight into the performance of your own Zalando store.
  • Studies and publications: Provide you with insights into important trends and developments.



Advantages of ZMS:

  • Data-infused marketing powered by data insights from millions of active customers.
  • Custom content creation, design, and production.
  • ZMS can help you find an influencer that fits your brand, budget, and goals.
  • Stimulate sales through customized campaigns.
  • Strengthen your brand positioning by telling your brand story on Zalando.



Why your fashion brand should use ZMS

You will notice the benefits of Zalando Marketing Services soon after starting one or more types of campaigns:


  • Marketing based on data
  • Expertise when it comes to fashion and content creation
  • Extensive media possibilities
  • Relevant styling to match your brand and products 
  • Creative campaigns for the products you sell


Brandsom Helps

Want to get started with selling on Zalando, or looking for help with promoting your products through Zalando Marketing Services? Click the arrow below and fill out the contact form to get in touch with us.

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