Selling on Douglas

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Selling on Douglas

Want to offer your beauty products to a large and diverse audience? Then consider selling on Douglas Marketplace! With millions of visitors per month, Douglas Marketplace is one of the largest online marketplaces in Europe and an important channel for leading beauty brands.


A good integration with the marketplace is essential, this way you ensure that all information is streamlined in the right way. Douglas has strict integration requirements. Wondering which requirements apply to your brand? Feel free to get in touch.

The following integrators fit best if you want to sell on Douglas

  • ChannelEngine
  • Tradebyte
  • Vendiro

We are happy to help you determine which integrator is the best fit for your brand.

Onboarding your products on Douglas can be a time-consuming task. You need to take several points into account, some examples are:

  • Is the product information complete?
  • Does the information I submit match Douglas' requirements?
  • Do I meet all the requirements to begin selling on Douglas?


Douglas Marketplace itself does not provide logistics services for shipping products to buyers. As a seller on Douglas Marketplace, you are responsible for shipping your products to the buyer and handling any returns or disputes. As a brand, you are therefore responsible for shipping the packages yourself and must comply with the requirements and Service Level Agreements determined by Douglas.


On Douglas, there are several, strict, rules regarding product content and titles. On the Douglas category and product pages, brands are bolded and highlighted. With that, unlike most other marketplaces, it is forbidden to include brand names in product titles. Titles are short and the use of synonyms is strictly prohibited. Also, materials and colors may generally not be named (there are exceptions here!). 

Product variations on Douglas should be made on the basis of color. Only if no color variation is possible, but a size variation is, may size be chosen. Combining these two variations (both color and size) is not possible. In that case it is mandatory to vary on color. This is where Douglas differs from most marketplaces. In case of a color variation, an additional image of 50x50 pixels must be supplied with the color of the variation. 

The product images at Douglas are required to have a 1:1 aspect ratio. The main image must also have a mandatory white background in this regard. Model or in-context f images are not allowed as the main image. Text, logos and other symbols on the products are also prohibited. 

Product descriptions must always be supplied in the language of the Douglas marketplace on which you sell. With a maximum length of 250 characters, descriptions are short and often consist of bullet points. Use of HTML is allowed only in the form of bold text, which is mandatory when using headings. For textile products, it is also mandatory to name the percentages of materials used in the product descriptions.

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Douglas Marketplace offers several ways to advertise and bring your products to the attention of buyers. Below are some of the advertising options available on the platform:

  • Sponsored Products: These are products that are displayed as recommended or sponsored products in search results or on other relevant pages on the platform.
  • Display Ads: These are banner or display ads displayed on specific pages on the platform.
  • Email marketing: Douglas Marketplace also offers the ability to advertise your products via email to a specific target audience.
  • Promotions and offers: You can also use promotions and offers to advertise your products on the platform.

For the big promotions, you as a brand will be approached by Douglas itself (Mother's Day/Fall Day etc.) They decide who can participate and under what conditions.  See page below for more explanation about the different packages.


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Wondering about a successful strategy for your brand to sell on Douglas? Then take a quick look at our 'selling on Douglas' Blog

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