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The best strategy for advertising on Amazon

What are Amazon Sponsored Products?

Amazon Sponsored Products are CPC (Cost-per-click) ads that appear between search results or on product pages within Amazon. They are simply ads that promote individual products. As a company or brand, you can put a budget on a certain product from your range to sponsor it. This way, your new product or high-runner will be at the top of Amazon's search results or appear on product pages within Amazon. Each seller can set the sponsorship or budgeting through Amazon Seller Central.

You are able to set your own targeting on specific search terms or product categories. On top of that, you have the freedom to adjust your budget and bids according to your wishes.

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With bids, you will come up more frequently in the feed for users that search for your products. This positively affects conversion rates on Amazon.

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Sponsored Products

When creating a campaign on Amazon, you have two options.
You can either create an automatic campaign or work on a manual campaign.
In the information below you can read more about what these campaigns require and how you can use both for the optimal advertising strategy.  

    • Automatic campaigns: The automatic campaigns are ideal for sellers who are not yet familiar with PPC campaigns. If you choose automatic campaigns, Amazon will give you automatic suggestions for the relevant keywords around your product. Amazon Seller Central determines the keywords based on the content of your product listings and on customers' related searches.

    • Manual campaigns: With manual campaigns, you decide which keywords to associate with your product. You also set this up via Amazon Seller Central. To find the right terms, you can use Amazon's keyword tool. You can also evaluate and analyze the performance of the keywords in an automated ad campaign.

      There are 3 keywords you can target, namely:
      1. Broad keywords
      2. Word groups
      3. Exact keywords

      Another advantage of manual campaigns is that you can set separate bids on the different keywords. If you bid higher on the highest scoring keywords, you can gain a competitive advantage faster. For example, within a product campaign, you can spread your available budget across the keywords
    • .

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In addition to creating sponsored product campaigns, there are other ways to attract more visitors to your product pages. One way is to create a Sponsored Brands campaign to promote your personal brand page on Amazon. You can also put ads on Amazon through Bid by placement campaigns.  

Read more about the use and benefits of these tools below:

    • Sponsored Brands campaigns:
      If you want to increase your brand awareness, you can leverage your brand's products in the Amazon Seller Central budget. With the help of Sponsored Brands campaigns, you are able to reach customers that are looking for your products, as they are redirected to your product catalog when clicking on your brand's logo. This increases brand awareness of your brand among Amazon visitors. Established brands can use this feature as well to stay top-of-mind with current customers. 
    • Bid by placement campaigns:
      Bid by placement campaigns are display campaigns that appear on designated spots on Amazon's platform. Amazon introduced this feature in 2019, offering the possibility to bid on the top spot in shopping feeds, product pages, and search terms.

      Although these are display campaigns, it's still important to find the right keywords, as banners are displayed when customers enter relevant search terms. Options to adjust for Bid by placement campaigns are the start date, duration, and the maximum CPC.

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Why you should advertise on Amazon

Sponsored Products campaigns can enhance your marketing strategy in several ways. They can generate more orders and therefore higher turnover by promoting your best sellers. You could also use this tool to introduce new products to your customers. Don't forget to select similar products as a targeting option in order to be as visible as possible for the right target group. Lastly, using Amazon Sponsored Products will get you more visibility for your products in general. However, it's important to research the search terms beforehand. Results of your campaigns can be tracked through Amazon Seller Central once they are running. Some brands or brand owners have specialists who help with the reporting, but many companies often still find selling on Amazon difficult.

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Our specialists at Brandsom are happy to help you with the implementation of the most appropriate campaigns for your brand or products. We can help you with optimizing and adjusting your campaigns, which ultimately results in more impressions, clicks, and conversions. 

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