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How does fulfilment by Bol work?

What is the bol.com partnerplatform?

Brand owners in different industries can sell their own products through the bol.com partner platform. The advantage is that you generate more visibility through bol.com.

If you use bol.com properly as a seller, this sales channel can bring you a lot of financial benefits. You also have the opportunity to make use of bol.com's logistics services. You can outsource the entire logistics process to bol.com, from packing to shipping. The only thing you have to do is purchase the products and send them to the bol.com warehouse. Of course, you also can arrange the financial part with them. 

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How do you register for Logistics via Bol?


To sign up for the Bol.com partner program and be able to use Bol's logisitic services, follow these steps: 

  • As a bol.com partner, you first need a business sales account. If you have multiple brands or companies, you can create multiple sales accounts under the same company details. It is important that you fill in all data of your company in the form. Bol.com also wants information about Chamber of Commerce, VAT and VAT numbers. 

    • It takes about 3 weeks until your new company registration is recognized. Because the waiting lists at bol.com are long, it is not possible to speed up this process. So you really need to be patient. Eventually you will receive an activation link to activate your account. 

    • In the next step you can enter further necessary data, such as your store data, financial data and return settings. You can enter the items indiviually or in bulk. The products will appear online when bol.com has completed its verification check.

    • Finally, you activate your account with the code that you, as a bol.com partner, will receive by mail. 

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When to choose logistics via bol.com?

It saves you a lot of time as an entrepreneur when you opt for LVB. Moreover, you need less physical space because you can store your goods in the bol.com warehouse. Even the financial handling and customer service will be taken care of for you if you like. Moreover, you do not need to hire people for the packaging and labeling.

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It is important to be on time if you want to apply for Logistics via Bol. The waiting period is 6 - 9 months to use LVB.

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