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Selling on in 5 steps

It was in 2011 when opened up its platform for external sellers, giving them the opportunity to offer products to a larger audience. Anyone that sells their products on the Dutch and Belgian markets simply cannot ignore this online marketplace. However, there are a lot of things to take into account when selling through this platform.

Based on our 5 pillars, we will explain what a seller on needs to pay attention to.



A good pricing strategy is crucial to winning the buy box on, which determines the vendor that gets the order. Not being in the buy box will most likely result in a competitor getting the order, as the battle for the buy box occurs when multiple vendors offer the exact same product. The partner who wins the spot is the one who has the best offer in terms of price, delivery time and service.

In our extensive blog you can read what strategies you can apply for winning the buy box. 

Prefer personal advice on the best (price)strategy, and looking for someone to help you with the entire process? Click on the arrow below and fill out the form to get in contact with us.

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2 Integration - [2]

Onboarding your products can be a time-consuming and complex task. Brandsom helps you through this process and makes sure you are quickly integrated with the integrator that fits your brand. The following integrators are highly compatible with

Our marketplace specialists have extensive experience with onboarding products on, and on top of that, we are a certified partner of mentioned integrators. Want to know more about our services? Click on the arrow below and fill out the form!

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3 Operation - [EN]

With, you have the opportunity to use their logistics services, allowing you to outsource the entire process from packing to shipping. All you have to do, as a brand owner, is make sure your products are available and send them to one of their warehouses. Besides that, you'll have to arrange the financial part.

Would you like to know more about logistics via Bol? Click on the arrow below and get in touch with one of our specialists. 

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4 Content - Fashion marketplaces [EN]-1

For the findability of your products, it is important that your content is well optimized. Read more about this in our extensive Bol blog.

When it comes to well-optimized content, there are some important things to note:

  • Create good titles (max 70 characters)
  • Make sure you have correct and complete product specifications
  • Give a clear description of your product
  • Check the quality score of your product information.
  • Make sure your product description is unique

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5 Advertising - [EN] offers the possibility to advertise through Bol sponsored products which allows for your products to appear at the top of the search results for certain keywords.

Our marketplace specialists have extensive experience in setting up, maintaining, and analyzing sponsored products campaigns. Click on the arrow below and leave your details to determine the best advertising strategy for your brand.

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Brandsom helps

Brandsom also recently has become a Gold partner! This means that Brandsom is considered one of the best agencies by Bol!

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