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Are you thinking about offering products on various marketplaces? Then an integrator is indispensable. Integrators automate the link between your own systems and those of multiple marketplaces at the same time.

Brandsom has proven expertise in onboarding brands through various integrators on marketplaces worldwide.

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Channable benefits


Channable's feed management tool provides easy categorization. 

Repricer Get the best price and the right strategy.
Automate Campaigns, ads, prices, and feed.

With daily synchronization, your product update is automatically updated. 

What does Channable offer?

Channable offers a direct link to several marketplaces, such as, eBay, and Amazon.

With Channable, you're able to sell your products on more than 2500 comparison sites, marketplaces, affiliate networks, and advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

Reach more potential buyers by selling on several major marketplaces and take advantage of the many direct API connections within Channable to automatically update all your product listings. No more need to manually update your product offerings or stock information.

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  • Product feeds for all channels

  • Automate Search & Shopping campaigns

  • Daily Sync. Your product update is automatically updated on the platforms you are linked to.

For more information, please visit the Channable website.

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